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    Turmeric Body Scrub

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    This Turmeric Body Scrub is an expertly crafted formula designed to detoxify the skin with the natural power of sea salt minerals. Turmeric helps brighten and even the skin.  Its exfoliating properties leave skin feeling soft and rejuvenated while providing nourishing moisture. Experience the benefits of turmeric for yourself with this luxurious body scrub.

    Key Ingredients

    Turmeric: Brightens

    Sea Salt Minerals: Detoxifies

    Vitamin C: Helps to reveal healthier looking skin

    Natural Oil blend: Moisturizes

    Natural Exfoliant: Softens and Smooths 


    Apply to damp or wet skin and rub in circular motions, focusing on problem areas.  Rinse clean and pat dry to lock in moisture.

    12 ounces